Bosch DCB840 8 1/4 Inch X 40T Finishing CSB CD #DCB840


Bosch DCB840, 8 1/4 Inch X 40T ,Finishing CSB CD, #DCB840


Daredevil™ Portable Circular Saw Blade
Diameter: 8-1/4″
Teeth number: 40
Arbor: 5/8″ DKO
Max. RPM: 7000
Hook Angle: 10°
Kerf: 0.087″
Plate Thickness: 0.059″
Tool: Portable / Worm Drive
Grind Type: ATB, triple sharp
Application: Finishing
Triple-sharp teeth for fast, clean cuts
Premium Bosch C3 carbide starts sharp and stays sharp
Thin kerf with extra-hard plate for less waste and increased accuracy
Speed Coat™ finish reduces friction and heat
UPC code: 000346433876
10 Digit code: 2610020191
Weight: 0.85 lb


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