Tuff water tanks

Rugged Multi-ribbed construction ensures that the Tuff Tank will outlast any tank
CT 200, 400, 450, 600 tanks are designed with a one piece moulded 16” Flip-Top Lid (exclusive to Rotoplastics Trinidad Ltd) with a fixed hinge mechanism for easy access
CT 800, 1000, 2000, 3000 tanks are designed with an 18” screw top manhole cover
Convenient 4” drain inlet to facilitate rain water supply from the roof of your house
All tanks come with a locking device for added security from tampering. The locking devices are made of 100% polyethylene to prevent rusting or cracking
Standard color is black with a natural lining. Other colors are available upon request
Full range of external closures and fittings are available upon request
Heavy duty outlet

Tuff TANK models brochure

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