Septic tanks Rhino & Fatboy

EIG ( Century Eslon) 400 & 600 gallons tanks now available too!

Rhino Septic Tanks:

Rhino Septic Tanks will solve in the most efficient and practical way, the problems of sewage, where sewage systems are unavailable. They are ideal for residential and commercial application.

Resistant to most chemicals and compound, RHINO SEPTIC TANKS are completely unaffected by any soil or sewage based substances. They are designed to withstand earth pressures that would normally crack traditional tanks.

All RHINO SEPTIC TANKS are manufactured from Prime Grade Linear Polyethylene. Due to its strength it prevents untreated waste from entering the environment.


A better way to handle effluent disposal. Eco-Sphere Septic Tanks offer features that traditional tanks do not.

Exceptional strength and durability due to their spherical design
Fracture resistant – with their prime grade polyethylene structure, ‘Eco-Sphere’ tanks can withstand earth pressures that will crack traditional concrete tanks.
Resistant to most chemicals and impervious to corrosion
Lightweight and compact
Fitted with an Effluent Filter that ensures no solids enter the soakaway.
Available with optional manhole extension for easy access

RHINO SEPTIC TANK-600 brochure
Fatboy Septic Tank brochure
Eco-Sphere Tank500800 back brochure
Septic tank user manual: brochure
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