Zilmet 18L pressure tank 10Bar WATER-PRO Blue


Zilmet, 18L, press. tank, 10Bar WATER-PRO Blue, pump parts, tank

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HYDRO-PRO: is our line of compact expansion tanks for sanitary hot water with a fixed potable water butyl membrane and internal epoxy coating. These expansion tanks are made of carbon steel and MIG welding that eliminates any sharp cutting edges inside the tank. The shape of the membrane is designed to avoid any water stagnation and therefore the growth of any bacteria.
Max. working pressure 10 bar
Operating temperature -10/+99°C
Factory precharge mod. 2 litres 3.5 bar
Factory precharge mod. 5-8 litres 3 bar
Factory precharge mod. 12-600 litres 2 bar

11A0001800 18Liter 270mm diameter 349mm height- 3/4″G

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Weight9.000000000000000000000000000 lbs