Washington Alloy All Purpose Welding Rod 12g Per Pd


12 Gauge, a pound, Washington Alloy, Tensileweld, (Superblue), All-Purpose, allpurpose, all purpose, Electrodes, multi purporse


Additional information
Tensileweld (Superblue) 1/8″ (per lb.) All-Purpose Electrode, Tensileweld (Superblue) 3/32″ (per lb.) All-Purpose Electrode

Tensileweld is the ultimate AC-DC electrode to use where high strength and porosity-free welds are required. Weld deposits are impact, abrasion, heat and corrosion resistant. Tensileweld is especially formulated to weld dissimilar steels; high carbon, tool and die steels; stainless steels; spring and coil steels; pressure vessels and aircraft steels. It is the perfect electrode to use where the alloy content of the base metal is unknown. Typical applications would include the underlayment of hardfacing alloys in mining applications, rebuilding shafts and agitator blades in turbines, framed, cast steel parts and gears.


Clean the work area. Thick sections should be
beveled. A preheat of 400ºF is recommended for carbon and cast steels. AC or DC reverse polarity is used. Maintain a short arc, slightly inclined in the direction of movement and use stringer beads. Peening is recommended.


Tensileweld has a high deposition rate. Weld deposits are smooth, ductile, porosity-free and take on a shiny appearance.