Total Inverter Mag/Mig/Mma/Tig Lift Welding Machine #TMGT1601


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Inverter MAG/MIG/MMA/TIG Lift welding machine
Input voltage(V):1~220-240
MAG/MIG Output current(A):30-160
MMA Output current(A):10-160
Lift TIG Output current(A):10-160
Duty cycle(%):30%@40℃
LCD display
No-load voltage(V):80
Built-in wire feeder
Available for 5Kg wire spool
Welding wire size:0.6,0.8,1.0mm
Wire speed(m/min):2-11
MMA diameter of electrode(mm):1.6-4.0
With 1pcs electrode holder with cable
With 1pcs earth clamp with cable
With 1pcs wire brush and 1pcs helmet
With 1pcs spool gun”