Total Folding Saw 7” #B0843C628K


Total, Folding Saw, 7”

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High quality material: high strength SK5 saw blade material, precision 3-side grinding teeth, heat treatment high hardness, with super hardness and durability.
Efficient cutting teeth: 7 teeth per inch (7TPI) can be ultra-smooth and sharp sawing, faster than traditional hand saws, providing smooth and fast sawing.
Excellent design: ergonomic ABS handle, feel more comfortable. Folding design, easy to carry. The hanging hook is convenient for hanging and storing.
Safety lock design: equipped with anti-pinching function to protect fingers safety. Safe and reliable blade lock, no teeth exposed when closed, easy to carry safely.
Wide range of uses: sturdy and durable folding saw, efficient cutting in camping, craft landscaping and general yard work. You can use it for tree trimming, woodworking, camping, hunting, survival, etc. Suitable for cutting branches up to 3 inches in diameter.