Renner Stain Quart ( concentrated)


Renner, Stain, quart , concentrated, teak, black, walnut, red stain, dark honey, chestnut,


Mix with Laquer thinners 1:3 or 1:5

Properly staining the substrate will prevent the arising
of incorrigible defects. The use of water soluble stains
can cause excessive bleeding and the formation of pale
rings if the base coat applied in a single coat has been
sanded too much. Conversely, if used with water-borne,
thixotropic, transparent base coats applied in two coats,
the first of which a light coating, the result is a brighter,
livelier stain.
Glazes give an antiqued appearance and even out
the coating, an effect that is highly sought after in
Reproduction furniture and picture frames. A thin layer
of glaze applied by spray will dry quickly,
and can be easily removed once the water

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Chestnut, Dark Honey, Red Stain, Walnut, black, teak