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A better way to handle effluent disposal. Fatboy Septic Tanks offer features that traditional tanks do not.

Exceptional strength and durability due to their spherical design
Fracture resistant – with their prime grade polyethylene structure, дFat-boyе tanks can withstand earth pressures that will crack traditional concrete tanks.
Resistant to most chemicals and impervious to corrosion
Lightweight and compact
600 gallon tanks contain a second compartment inspection port and Effluent Filter that ensures no solids enter the soakaway. Tanks can be joined to create larger systems. Instructions are included in each purchase

Capacity of Fat Boy Septic Tank

(Gallons) Volume
(Litres) Diameter Height
(with cover) Recommended
No. of Users 5
500 Gal 71″(180cm)H,67″(170cm)Diameter
600 Gal 85″(216cm),”
No. of users 7
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1500 G (5.678.1L), 500 G ( 1,890L), 600 G ( 2270L), 800 G (3,028L)