EZ Weld Pool Pro Combo Pvc Cement, Medium Body/Blue 4oz 118ml


E.Z Weld, Pool Pro Combo, Pvc Cement, Medium Body/Blue, 8oz 237ml, ez weld solvent,

ASTM has developed the following schedule and may be used as a guide (for relative humidity 60% or less. Sch. 40 size pipe.) eg. a 2” pipe size joint made at 55°F, 50% Relative Humidity and a test pressure of 100 psi would require a cure time of 4 hrs.
Usage Temperature32° F – 110° FStorage Temperature45° F – 110° FShelf Life3 years (unopened can)


E-Z Weld Pool Pro is a medium bodied, fast set PVC Solvent Cement. This cement is formulated for use on PVC pipes and fittings. It may also be used on small diameter pipes and fittings. This cement is specially formulated for applications where working conditions may not be dry. Making a joint while water is present is very risky. Care must be taken and water from the joining surface should be removed. If moisture is still present on the joining surface, work quickly and a longer cure time should be allowed. When joining large diameter pipe & fittings the use of primers is highly recommended.


PVC Cements

32° F – 110° F

SCH 40:
up to 6″

SCH 80:
up to 4″