DIABLO DHS2000CT 2″ Carbide Hole Saw Wood Metal


DIABLO, DHS2000CT, 2″, Carbide Hole Saw, Wood&Metal

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Diablo’s new, high performance carbide hole saws deliver 50-times longer cutting life, faster cutting performance and increased productivity. Diablo’s carbide hole saws are the industry’s first carbide hole saws to cut both wood and metal. Unlike anything on the market, Diablo’s hole saw system and mandrel design simplify the attachment process for fast and efficient hole saw mounting. These radical new hole saws provide ultimate cutting length to bore deeper holes in a single pass; and a tool-free plug ejection and Variable Tooth Design for faster cuts.
First carbide hole saws that allow operators to cut wood, nail-embedded wood and metal using the same hole saw cup
60 mm (2-3/8 in.) cutting depth for 40% deeper holes in 1 pass and increased productivity
50x longer cutter life versus standard bi-metal hole saws
10x faster cutting in hard materials
3x more holes per charge
Tool-free plug ejection for fast material removal
Variable tooth design delivers faster and easier drilling with less operator effort
Compatible with Diablo’s SnapLock plus mandrel system for quick and easy cup changes with no down time
Drills clean wood, nail-embedded wood, plastic, aluminum, hardy board, metal, cast iron and stainless steel
For use with a drill press or hand held drill

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