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Cutlass, Martindale

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( Ralph Martindale & Imacasa & local build)

Ralph Martindale & Company Ltd of England produces an incredible variety of edge tools for sale all over the world. Many of their machetes are produced in their factory in Ghana, West Africa. Once produced, they are sold all over the African continent. Martindale also makes other styles popular in Asia and the Americas. Well-known for consistent quality and attention to detail, Martindale supplies machetes and survival tools to the British Armed Services.

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bit, Brushing Cutlass L, Hunting Imacasa 850-12, Imacasa 127-14, Imacasa Brushing 335-14 R, Imacasa Cutlass 335-14, Local small, Martindale B335 blade, Martindale Crocodile, Martindale Crocodile 32 20, Martindale Crocodile 32-510-01