Cir. Saw blade for wood




Irwin, Diablo Freud quality circular saw blades for Decking, Ripping, fine finnish and also for cement board. great asortiment with excelent prices.
Also Marples by Irwin hand made in Italy in 12 inch

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Diablo 10" 24T Freud, Diablo 12" 44T Freud, Diablo 7.1/4" 24T Freud, Irwin 10" 40T Marathon, Irwin 10" 80T Marathon, Irwin 12" 40T Marples, Irwin 12" 60T Marples, Irwin 7.1/4 24T Decking, Irwin 7.1/4 40T weldtec, Irwin 7.1/4 6T Fiber/Cement, Irwin 7.1/4" 24T weldtec, Irwin 8" 24T Marathon, Makita 7.1/4" 24T, inches