Caulk & Seal, Soudastretch Acrylic Clear 10.1oz Sealant #146902


Caulk & Seal, Soudastretch, Acrylic, Clear, 10.1oz Sealant #146902


Soudastretch is a one-part acrylic elastomeric caulk with silicone designed for both interior and exterior use. Characteristics: Permanent color, Paintable, Mildew resistant, UV resistant, Non-yellowing, Very good adhesion on many materials, Very easy application. Applications: Building and construction joints Sealing around baseboards, Sealing in sanitary rooms, kitchens, cold storage, rooms and containers, Sealing around trim. Surfaces: Type: all usual building surfaces, State of surface: clean, dry, free of dust and grease, Preparation: no primer required for porous surfaces. The use of Soudal Surface Activator on smooth surfaces will improve the adhesion, of Soudastretch. Window and door joints. Joint Size: Minimum width: 1/4″, Maximum width: 1 3/16″, Minimum Depth: 1/5″, Recommendation: 2 x depth = width. Application: Method: manual or pneumatic caulking gun, Finish: soapy water before skinning, Repair With: Soudastretch , Clean Up: with water immediately after use. Shelf life:
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