Caulk & Sealant GE Gutter Silicone


Caulk & Sealant, GE, Gutter, Silicone

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Weatherproof, sunproof, freezeproof, flexible
30 min rain ready permanently waterproof
Will not shrink, crack, break down or wash away
Gutter and flashing sealant”silicone ii” clear – size 10.1 ounce – cartridge Three-hour rain-ready and sun/freeze proof caulk for gutters and flashing. Typical uses: seal gutters, flashing, downspouts, soffits, and other metal surfaces. Adheres to: most aluminum, stainless steel, wood, masonry, brick, concrete, painted surfaces, v inyl and plastic. Cured sealant is mold and mildew resistant. Provides a weatherproof and watertight seal. Permanently flexible. Will not shrink or crack. UV resistant. 3/16 inches covers approximately 50 linear feet.

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