Aqua Plus Floor Drain 4×4 #AQP-22888


Aqua Plus, Floor Drain, 4×4, #AQP-22888

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This shower drain series is equipped with the revolutionary Multi technology
In addition the drain body is stainless steel
This series is therefore suited for all installation situations
The trap body can be shortened to length, pivoted and adjusted
15 x 15 models can be adjusted horizontally for an optimal installation of the tile/shower drain
Water trap height: 50 mm
Tested in accordance with EN 1253-1 Norm
Drainage capacity 0.50 l/s
ABS siphon housing can also be glued, in accordance with DIN-EN-ISO 2580-1:2002
Easy-to-clean siphon housing
WPS technology – 10 year guarantee. Patented WPS seal with integrated flange (flexible flange technology making a reinforced flange around the shower drain unnecessary. Advantage: 100% waterproof, no pressure load on the edge plus perfect adhesion)
Equipped with a solid stainless steel cover and an improved stainless steel drain body