Buffalo Water tank

Quality Tanks from Century Eslon: EASE OF INSTALLATION AND USE Gutter down pipe inlet is designed to accept 3ее square or 4ее round down-pipes for either square or round gutter. Other brands are designed for round gutter only. Designed for use of a security padlock to safeguard water supply. SUPERIOR STRENGTH Made of 100% polyethylene … Continue reading Buffalo Water tank


Tap Terracotta tiles are a porous material. The traditional impregnating fluid is boiled linseed oil. This soaks into the product, hardens, reduces porosity and generally enhances the colour and appearance of the tile. Linseed oil can be initially diluted with white spirits or used neat. You normally need to apply more than one coat. The … Continue reading TRINIDAD TAP OUTDOOR PATIO TILES

Tuff water tanks

Rugged Multi-ribbed construction ensures that the Tuff Tank will outlast any tank CT 200, 400, 450, 600 tanks are designed with a one piece moulded 16” Flip-Top Lid (exclusive to Rotoplastics Trinidad Ltd) with a fixed hinge mechanism for easy access CT 800, 1000, 2000, 3000 tanks are designed with an 18” screw top manhole … Continue reading Tuff water tanks

Septic tanks Rhino & Fatboy

EIG ( Century Eslon) 400 & 600 gallons tanks now available too! Rhino Septic Tanks: Rhino Septic Tanks will solve in the most efficient and practical way, the problems of sewage, where sewage systems are unavailable. They are ideal for residential and commercial application. Resistant to most chemicals and compound, RHINO SEPTIC TANKS are completely unaffected … Continue reading Septic tanks Rhino & Fatboy

Blocks Support

Thanks you for visiting our site with clay & concrete blocks and all other products. In this page we will try to give you some additional information to help you with your construction. How many blocks go in a pallet ? How many pallets go in a full load? answer 1):Abel 4×8×12 fit 312 blocks … Continue reading Blocks Support